Message from CEO

Dear colleagues, friends and visitors of our site! I am glad to welcome you on the website of the ROSAGROKORM Company and very grateful that you have found time and have shown an interest to our Company.
I am sure that the information posted on the site, will convince you in our specialist's professionalism and the high quality of our goods, and will help you to make the right choice.
On our site you can get acquainted with the history of our Company and its achievements, examine a wide range as a separate feed additives, and Protein-Vitamin-Mineral Concentrates for all kinds of farm animals and poultry. Here you can know their detailed quality and composition description, feeding schemes and areas of application. This information will be useful not only for the representatives of Agro-industrial Complex, but also for the people who are involved in personal subsidiary plots and farms.
I'd like to say about our own wonderful develop - "RUFEED" and "CALSEVIT". These are the amazing products that complement each other and provide a fully balanced meals for all kinds of farm animals and poultry. For example, "RUFEED" is mixing with grain and you are getting a 100% mixed fodder, where everything is balanced for each kind and age group of farm animals or poultry. And "CALSEVIT" which has SELENIUM as one of the components of natural origin is dissolving in water and adding to drink, and then transmitting to humans from animal products. We guarantee the quality of all components of "RUFEED", lack of products containing GMO, convenient packaging, and proper feeding using "RUFEED" and "CALSEVIT" (applying the mixing schemes recommended by the manufacturer) we provide the quality of the products, healthy offspring to your animals and poultry, increasing the amount of the final products (whether it will be meat, milk or eggs). That is the most important for us! Our healthy Future depends on what we and our children are eating!!!
We can offer our products as to the large agricultural enterprises, as well to the fodder manufactures and farmers. All the products are certified and have received a high estimation of the consumers. Recently we began to sack a separate feed additives in small packaging, and that information you can also find on our site.
     We are sure that the acquaintance with the "ROSAGROKORM" Company's site it is only the first step, and the next will be your visit to our Company. We are ready for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation and will be glad to see you among our constant partners!
You are welcome!


With best regards,  Galina Grinkova,  General Director "ROSAGROKORM" Company.